CitizenFX.ini help

Filepath to FiveM folder

Also add what you already tried so far. Hey Im new with FiveM I didn’t even start it and I have problem already. When I open FiveM and select path to GTA V files well I click on GTA V files but It still says Path not found or something like that. I have GTA V on Rockstar Games not Steam. Well I was looking on YouTube and Ive found one guy speaking about it BUT he was showing how to fix it but the problem is to locate in your FiveM files CitizenFX.ini But I can’t find that. I tried to download FiveM again but still don’t have it. Can someone help please

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What do you mean

This, fill this out with the requested information.
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I created another post talking about this I can't select GTA V file check if I have it good please

Have a look here

It has all information and links to solve this

Can you tell it easier for me Im not that good with English

Well docks is easier way

  1. Open File Explorer
  2. In the address bar type %localappdata%\FiveM and press Enter
    And find Citizenfx.ini then do rest

+++ you need to select folder that contain gtav.exe etc…

M man do you have Steam

Because Im really bad at these things

I have R* one, also this apply for both copies, there is no difference between steam and R* one

ok can you explain it to me on R* please? I will add you

Whats yo R* name

Reee answer me pls :frowning:

The link i sent explains it for you! Literally find CitizenFX.ini as explained in there, open the file with notepad and change the path to the path of your GTA installation!

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I know Im retarded and I understand nothing but if I search CitizenFX.ini in my computer it searches nothing. I just don’t have CitizenFX.ini . Im sorry that Im wasting your time

it’s in fivem folder
If you first time you installing fivem just select path that contain Exe etc…

Dude, I don’t have the file anywhere or how do you mean it I don’t understand your English. Are you saying that I must find it??? Or are you telling me how to do it

I tried that opened file explorer copied that link to it and it searched me FiveM file with application data, Fivem, and Fivem singleplayer. When I looked to the application data there was no Citizenfx.ini there was only some CitizenGame.dll and some citizen legacy things. I don’t really have it any tips?