CitizenFX Fatal Error: CfxCollection:::ReadBulk of streaming file cache

Hey, i ve got a little problem, friend created a server for us and i be near some cars what he got there, but its problem just for me because another friend can join and ride those cars easuly, looks like my client cant download those cars or idk…

GTA V VERSION : 1.0.791.2
Legit copy
Windows 10 Pro
Error scr.:
GTA V folder scr. :
FiveReborn scr. :
CitizinFX.log :
.dmp files :

Reinstalled fivereborn twice…
Reconnecting server like 8 times…

Problem is most likely server-sided. Not client-sided.

Okay, thanks, i am hosting the server and everything’s fine now.
You can lock it :slight_smile: