CitizenFX Error

I installed a GTAV Reloaded Version, and i did all the steps on the tutorial to install FiveReborn, but at the end of the installation had a msg saying “Are you still the one i knoooooooooow” I don’t know what is this.

Now my error is this (Pic from Gyazo)

¿When this error appear? always when i try to open “FiveReborn.exe” and “GTAV Launcher” is open and i can see the blue screen and some of the servers, is when appears this error, and if i try to clic in any server or somewhere, the Launcher closes.

I don’t know what i have to do, so please, help me i want play MP, Thanks a lot.

you need to remove all ScriptHookDotNet files from your GTA V folders and put all of those files in [FiveReborn Folder]\plugins

ScriptHookDotNet"? i dont know what i have to do, but if i uninstall my GTA and delete all files, and install GTA again (Clear), will work?
Sorry my English.

@erdavid98 Yes that would work.

I deleted all and reinstalled the GTAV and the same error appear

i dont know what i have to do

I see this error when i try to open Fivereborn.exe - Social Club 100% load, and a blue/cyan Screen appear and show me the servers list, at this moment is when the error appear, and the launcher closes.

My PC:
i5 4570 3.20Ghz
Gtx 950 MSI Gaming 2Gb
8Gb Ram 1600Mhz ddr3
Windows 7 64Bits
GTA V Reloaded Version Without mods or plugins.

You still have plugins installed in your GTA.

@Boss How can i see if i have Plugins?

Make screenshots, Ill tell you wich files to remove.


Show me your client folder, cause that looks fine.


I forwarded your error to the dev team, please stand-by.

@Boss Ok, Thank You very much.

One way I got past this error is waiting at least 15 seconds after fivereborn has fully loaded before doing anything, I don’t know why but this has always been the solution for me and others

@TouchMyRAM i Tried but dont worked for me, Thank you anyway.

According to the devs it’s a random error which should be fixed by a restart. Try restarting your PC, then fire it up again.

@Boss I restarted my PC and is not fixed. T.T