Citizen-scripting-lua crash

People getting this crash report using a thing related to DUI.
Unfortunately we do not have any repro

e12f372c-0934-4cac-a183-42d6a85ac27f.dmp (8.0 MB)

This is not a bug report. Please fill out the Technical Support template.

Also, DUI is not native to FiveM. Some resource may be causing this instead.

close this topic
jus wanted to report a crash related to fivem code

I have moved this topic back to #general-discussion:bug-reports as it seems this is something in citizen-scripting-lua, however having a repo would probably help the project staff better

Also removed some off-topic comments


another case of lua corruption, doesn’t seem dui-related really.

happened during traceback which is even weirder (during handling of a attempt to compare %s with %s).


I guess it is a table sort is some of my dui script, gonna fix it
Do you want a repro?

I found this issue, if someone get this one day
I was calling an export that returned the same export (I had copy-pasted a testing script into my main resource)

Fixed now, thanks for the hint though

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