ChicagoRP | Custom Jobs, Housing, Drugs and Cars | Balanced Economy | Active Staff | Streamer Friendly | Whitelisted Jobs LEO/EMS | Smooth UI and Inventory System |


ChicagoRP is a serious roleplay server started by an experienced staff and development team. This team has coded, managed and played on several popular servers before, and this time their goal is to develop a server that serves as a home to serious roleplayers.

From newer players to experienced stars, we cater to them all. Don’t be afraid to jump into our server based on your past roleplay experience. We are not here to just enforce the rule set but to help create story arcs with all kinds of roleplayers. Even the greatest roleplayers started somewhere, we hope with our help we can create the next generation of serious roleplayers.

Another goal we have is to make sure that our streamers have a crisp and clean UI when broadcasting so their viewers are not districtacted by clutter which most other servers tend to have.

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  • Slotted inventory with the ability to change slot amounts real-time for certain situations
  • Inventory allows for unique items with information such as weapon serial numbers, physical ID’s.
  • Well thought out economy, where $10.000 is good money.
  • Active staff and active developers
  • Motel Room with storage for everyone
  • In-game CAD/MDT system for law enforcement with the ability to search gun serials etc.
  • Robust Court System with Penal Code
  • Multiple fun heists. Pacific Standard bank, Fleeca banks, Jewelry store, Bank trucks, Store robberies, House robberies, etc.
  • Car crash system with engine and body damage
  • Multi-Garage system with an impound system
  • Looting system. Loot players after shootouts or a robbery with /steal.
  • Unique interiors with MLO’s made by our 3D modeler.
  • Import dealership that sells imported vehicles (Custom cars)
  • Regular GTA cars at reasonable prices and custom handling sold at the PDM
  • Pistols and Ammo sold at Ammunation with realistic gun pricing and license acquiring
  • Interactive drug system, where you setup a selling point and peds come to you.
  • Chop shop that asks for a couple of different cars and rewards nicely.
  • Multiple activities to relieve stress such as working out, and more.
  • Custom vehicle handling created by the vehicle developer
  • Police Departments all have the same vehicles but different liveries so there’s not 500 different looking Police vehicles around for each department
  • Smooth inventory with bindable items to keys 1-4
  • Get a warehouse for your business to store goods / stolen goods?
  • High FPS
  • Whitelist Jobs PD/EMS, and civilian jobs to enable RP.
  • Loads of more interesting features, check out our update log for more info.

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