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Cheshire RPC

Cheshire RPC is a realistic, professional UK community, based in the county of Cheshire, England. We roleplay the emergency services of Cheshire and currently have:

  • Senior Leaders in Local Policing
  • Police Officers
  • North West Ambulance Service (Ambulance)
  • Force Contact Centre (Control Room)

Our community is relatively new, only being open for 4 months. This new face to the FiveM scene allows you to get stuck in with the RPC and make an evidential impact on our members.

We use Albo1125’s lighting-fast FMS system which allows us to quickly monitor users and incidents, providing us with an easy way to monitor your application as you come in.

Our development is top class and our EUP is developed by the best in the business. Stay tuned to this post for more.

Get involved via our website:

Some of the amazing work made for Cheshire RPC recently. Get involved via our website at