Chat Showing /+chat & /-chat

Every time I press T to chat, it displays /+chat and /-chat, no double chat resource, just pure fivem running, I installed lastest artifacts as well cloned the lastest cfx-server-data

Also no Client Console Errors. Does anyone know work through to resolve this issue?

You must have T bound to say “/+chat” and “/-chat”

Nop, just pure fivem server installation, I join a server and soon I press T, that happens

Well I’m referring to your client having it bound not the server…

I don’t have any Key Bindings, just made a restore to defaults and same thing happens.

Made as well a complete Fivem and GTA Reinstall and no luck

Keybinds are stored in %appdata%/CitizenFX so any reinstall would need that removed as well. However, you can run the unbind command via F8 console.

That worked, thank you.

If a mod could move this to client support, thank you!