Chaos Roleplay

Welcome to Chaos Roleplay, here we strive for fun Roleplay that is unique and diverse whilst being realistic as possible. Our Law enforcement and EMS are whitelisted, but everyone is welcome to join as a civilian! Our server has custom cars for LEO/EMS/ and civilian. We are also looking for people in high ranking whitelisted positions, so feel free to drop by if you are interested. Remember: “The Fun is where the Chaos is.”
Discord: Chaos Roleplay | A FiveM Community

Chaos RP has moved into the public beta stages! we now have:
ESX up and running(Beta)
new cars(release)
Custom EUP(Beta)
and more to come! use the above links to find us!

"The fun is where the Chaos is."

Where our base comes from:
Highway Patrol: CHP based/Nevada Based
LSPD: Custom
BCSO: Custom
Fire/EMS: Custom
Map: Los Santos (Cali-Based)

Join using above links!
The fun is where the Chaos is.