Changing the handling to a car

So im trying to set the max speed of the vehicle right now i have it to

<fInitialDriveMaxFlatVel value="185.000000" />

a post im looking at says

This determines the vehicle speed at redline in the top gear (not the show).

Setting this value DOES NOT guarantee the vehicle will reach the given speed.

Multiply the number in the file by 0-82 to get the speed in mph.
Multiply by 1.32 to get the speed in kph.
Values: 0.00 and above.

how do u muiltiply 0-82, also do i just multiply before the decimal or all of it?

the top speed of a vehicle depends on a few things besides that one value,


so an example would be

fInitialDriveMaxFlatVel would be set to 220
FINITIALDRAGCOEFF would be set to 8.0
and FINITIALDRIVEFORCE would be set to 0.35

the vehicles top speed would result about 180-200mph

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thats actually what i want it to be around as well as this is a v8 mustang gt for our Interceptor Fleet.
thanks :slight_smile: im new to handling stuff.

Edit : When changing the handling file can i just restart the resource through F8 or will the server itself need to be restarted cause i made those changes and it seems the same speed.

you can simply restart the resource for most things e.g handling.meta

I believe vehicles.meta is the only one you’d have to restart your game for and texture changes you’d have to restart the server.

yeah i have the car driving up and down on the airfield and rn it maxes at like 128 with all engine upgrades and turbo. as well as comp suspention

handling.meta (2.8 KB)

Here is my handling, if its the same mustang.

how did you calculated the top speed

Here you will find some usefull informations: [Tutorial] | Handling.meta | Forums