(Changing cars. Serverside) (Changing Siren Clientside)

So what i want to know how to change cars Examp…
I have a police3 volvo.
And a police 3 bmw on my server.
But i want the bmw to be on the police2 slot.
How do i do it?

Is there also a way to change to a custom siren client side.

@DeluxeGaming-Roleplay rename the bmw to police2

@iago i did but it will go back to the standard gta model

@DeluxeGaming-Roleplay make sure if there’s a police2_hi u keep the hi land rename the first part only. I u did that then I can’t help u

Delete your servers /cache/ folder.

Tnx Heeft Opnieuw Geholpen!!! :grin:

Ohja sorry voor de naam…