Change from esx to qbcore

hello everyone. i was wondering how i could change my server from esx to qbcore? i run a server through zap hosting. but not sure how to switch it over.

It’s nothing as simple as just installing qb and a few tweaks, there’s some changes that need to be made to all of your resources to work in the new framework. This topic discusses it a bit and will help you understand the scope of your idea:

IF you want to go to qbus your better of just using the full base and build on it, basically remaking your server around the new base. Changing from ESX to qbus manually is just not worth the hassle.

Nah, I’m already running qbus & creating custom scripts for it.
But there are a few scripts that I’m interested in converting to Qbus because they don’t have an equivalent released yet or might never. So the more info I can get on the conversion, the better lol.