Chameleon Paint | cant stream carmodcols.ymt

i tried literally everything that i know but nothing helps
so i trying to stream Chameleon Paint to fivem server but the problem is i cant stream carmodcols.ymt (at least i think so) and i dont know what data_file i need to do that

hopefully i already streamed carcols_gen9.meta and carmodcols_gen9.meta
data_file’s for them is CARCOLS_GEN9_FILE and CARMODCOLS_GEN9_FILE

resource that i am making: (13.3 KB)

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Hey, I’m literally trying to do the same but nothing works for me. I dont know what to write inside the quotation marks next to “data_file”, like, the code that defines what we are streaming…
If someone knows what type of file these are, and could help us, it would be great.

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