Centrix Network // Los Santos Tuners Update // Fully Optimized // Streamer Friendly // Serious Roleplay // Adults

Change Log V1.6.020

  • Fixed an issue with people not being uncuffed or getting their inventories cleared when going to jail
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles in the Sunrise Autos would appear floating for some players
  • Fixed an issue where large trucks and vehicles bought in the Donator Token Shop wouldn’t give players keys to the cars
  • Fixed an issue where forum users wouldn’t receive emails actually this time on the forums
  • Fixed an issue with blood from players appearing on the ground all the time
  • Added a new evidence system. LEO will now be able to pick up bullet casings and blood splatter that can be analyzed to show them the serial number of the weapon used in the shooting as well as the name of the player’s blood through DNA tracing

Change Log V1.6.021

  • Fixed an issue where Hayes Auto employees were unable to use workbench
  • Fixed an issue where some Donator Token Shop vehicles weren’t slowed down with the new car tuning changes
  • Fixed an issue with truck robbery key cards not closing the inventory on use
  • Fixed an issue with keybinds not registering on the radar until the script was restarted
  • Added images for USBs and hacking laptops
  • Upgraded server artifacts to 4460, maybe smoother probably not

Change Log V1.6.022

  • Fixed an issue with stash grades for burgershot trainees
  • Fixed confiscating player items on jail
  • Fixed an issue with level 3 trucking not spawning properly
  • Fixed an issue with Hayes Auto vehicles not receing the proper speed boost
  • Fixed handling issues with a few vehicles
  • Added bullet casings as an item which can now be picked up by officers and examined
  • Added the ability for Burger Shot donuts to relieve stress
  • Added blips on the map to indicate where public drugs and money wash is located
  • Added public meth in Stab City
  • Moved the money wash location to the power station
  • Nerfed mining, players will make more converting stone to concrete than just mining stone. Same principal applies for the other mining items, going to step 2 or 3 will reward more
  • Players will no longer receive food and water in jail and will instead be set to unlimited food and water while in jail
  • Removed the neon keybind, only able to access this in the vehicle
  • Slightly increased the percentage in which you receive plastic
  • Decreased the amount of time it takes to process and package public weed
  • Updated the docs with new and updated laws/information. Highly suggested you look over it

Change Log V1.6.023

  • Fixed an issue with housing interiors flickering when players were inside of them
  • Added more robbable safes and clerks
  • Added a ped for the pawn shop
  • Added getmoney and getjobs command for staff
  • Added a pawn shop in Grapeseed for players to sell items such as jewelry and minerals
  • Moved some items from the port seller to the pawn shop
  • Changed the Diamond Casino blip
  • Update LEO permissions to allow players to rob houses

Change Log V1.6.024

  • Fixed an issue with evidence not saving
  • Fixed an issue where players could exit police vehicles while cuffed
  • Fixed an issue where certain homes near Vinewood would cause players to fall through the map
  • Added an error when a player doesn’t have sellable items at the pawn shop
  • Added the LEO bearcat to the garage (will be speed boosted and handling improved soon)
  • Nerfed all motorcycles and sports bikes acceleration and top speed
  • Optimized a few more vehicle textures, streaming quality should be improved