Central City Roleplay | New Community | Strict Roleplay | 13+

Central City Roleplay
A FiveM community that will hopefully grow. We area a strict RP server that can guarantee you a fun and great time

Departments we have
Los Santos Police Department
Blaine County Sheriffs Office - WIP
San Andreas State Police
San Andreas Fire & Rescue - WIP
San Andreas Department Of Communications
We area looking for experienced people to run LSPD, SASP, and SADOC. More information will be posted in the main server

We are also to fill up some of are staff positions, These members have some of the highest responsibility in the server, they area all under strict policies.

We are a server to have fun. We don’t expect you to join but we don’t wish to have a chance
Invite Link: Central City Roleplay

I’ll post pictures of what we have soon