Cayo Perico Invisible Walls

GTA V Version?
-Cayo Perico Update

Up to date?

Legit or Pirate copy?

Purchased where - Steam/Rockstar Launcher/Epic:
-Epic Games

Windows version:

Did you try to delete content_index.xml and try again?

System specifications:
-I don’t know now.

What is the issue you’re having?
-There are invisible walls at the Cayo Perico Island.

What are you trying to do?
-I searched other topics for the problem, but i can’t find one so i made a topic myself.

What have you tried already to fix the issue?
-Yes, I got into VMenu with all the objects showing, but nothing showed up. And I got into ZModeler i think.

Error screenshot (if any):
-Can’t show now.

What did you do to get this issue?

  • I downloaded the resource from and got into the game to play on Cayo Perio but i’ve got invisible walls.

What server did you get this issue on? Be specific and name some, ‘all of them’ by itself isn’t useful!

  • I use it for my own non-esx server for me and my friends but it has to be perfect for them.