Cayo Perico & Casino DLC IPL Loader

Great Loader btw… love it. If I wanted to go and remove some of the tables at the casino, how would I go about doing that. Ive got codewalker, I’m just unable to locate which file it is that has the props in it???

I forget off hand but when I get off work I’ll help you out

also no interior for me :frowning: newest artifact, 3886 - no other ipl loader or any map active when testing it! :frowning:

Could u tell me the name of the .ymap for the interior? i would stream that maybe then …

Honestly I have no clue why y’all are having those problems it runs perfectly on my side. I’ll look into it later.

I’m all right

I loaded also ipls with a other script, was the same issue but with hangar door nearly closed, maybe 2 meters open.

I will test it later also on local host, maybe there is a different situation on windows …

okay it’s an linux thing … look interioer is there

worng information, all good after cache cleaning on server and client side!

running 3886 on windows here in the pic

Now all works fine, thank u!!!

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Awesome. Thanks man :slight_smile:

Any update on the removal of the Casino Game Tables?

Anyone else having the same Error as me?
The Interior is kinda loading but not correctly. There are no Probs or anything.
The Cayo Map is working perfectly. The Garage of the Casino is loading too.
But the main thing is the Exterior aint loading. The Interior is there but its kinda buggy with collision of the Old one. here are some screenshots:

So the Exterior aint loading but the interior is. The Hotel part is there and everything is looking like the video by Unclejust except the probs arent there. No Slot machines nothing.

I haven’t encountered that issue. Did you make sure your server is on the latest artifacts and is set to build 2189?

Sure i have this on my server.cfg: “set sv_enforceGameBuild 2189” I dont have a .bat so i cant write it there. I have one of the newer versions there they dont include it. I start the server with the FXServer.exe.
Also my version is 3524 i guess. I used the Cayo Perico & Casino DLC by you for the Island and its working perfectly same as the Nightclub. But I dont know why the Casino wont work. It just has the interior. The Old exterior is still there with the collision. I see everything like the hotel part etc. but the exterior aint working. The props wont load either