Hi there, I’m cashida. You probably know me as Darco from the old MultiFive Discord server. I’m happpy to see that the development continues and I’m stoked for the future of FiveReborn.

I never really played FiveM until the last few days (first builds were bad and I hadn’t high hope in the project…until Take 2 sent a c/d to NT.) Since then, I missed FiveM. Then MultiFive got released and I was amazed. Now we came to FiveReborn and I am already now super happy.

As a 16-year young dude unfortunately I can’t code, but I have experience with Linux (used it as my daily driver for a short time). Also, I’ve got a small YouTube channel with 13k subscribers.

I’m always open for new things and I also like to help other users.

Welcome to Five Reborn, i hope you will enjoy your time here. And 13k is fucking huge in my book i got 25 or something lol :lion_face:

i hope you will enjoy your time here.

I’m sure everybody will. :slight_smile:

Welcome, nice to see someone that has the ability to spread awareness to a wide audience!