CASCADE COUNTY™ | 16+ Serious Roleplay - Seeking Doctors / Lawmen

Start your journey at CASCADE COUNTY™ today. See where it takes you!

We’re focused on offering immersive, serious roleplay in RedM. Our staff team has years of experience in serious roleplay-oriented communities, ensuring you receive the best experience while on our server. We invite you to our community to begin your journey and see where your character ends up.

What type of occupations does the server have?

The options are limitless. You define your character’s journey and path. Here’s some options:

  • Become the face of the town and enforce the Law of the county, joining the force of the Lawmen. We are looking for Town Captains any other individuals to help out in anyway they can.

  • Roam the county and provide medical aid to those who need it the most! Become a Doctor and get out there! We’re looking for people to help lead the team of Doctors within Cascade County!

  • Become an outlaw, horse trainer or even a businessman! We have so much to try here.

What type of incentives do you offer?

Our server is equipped with all of Syn Scripts, high quality scripts designed specifically for our goal- serious roleplay. We’ve spent countless hours configuring and managing them to your liking.

  • Enhanced robbery system: general stores, banks, forts, etc

  • New, unique mail system to message other people within the server

  • Fully configured crafting and metabolism system

  • Awesome stable system to buy new horses and tack

There’s plenty more to see! If you are someone who is interested in helping out staff-wise, or maybe helping one of our core factions get started; like Doctor or Lawmen, join our discord today and open a support ticket. Our team would be delighted to have you here within our community!

Discord Invite:

Urgently looking to fill head doctor / lawmen positions! Submit inquiries today.

Recent Changelog - Join Discord for more information:

  • Added new societies into the server for important factions: sdstable, valtrain, sdblacksmith, doctors, etc. This allows ‘bosses’ to manage their employees, etc. If you own an important faction and do not have a boss menu in the server, please open a support ticket for help

  • Replaced and added additional inventory images, considering some were blank previously (my apologies)

  • Players can now use the /alerttrain command to alert on-duty conductors for pickup. This only works when conductors are ON duty

  • Updated several different scripts on the server (behind the scenes), let us be known of any performance issues

  • Locals are no longer riding wagons or horses around the County due to sync issues. Pedestrians still exist!

  • Job AFK timer changed from 5 minutes to 10. You will be clocked out if AFK for more than 10 minutes

  • Added society (job) menus around the map for multiple various jobs, including Doctors.

  • Added webhooks to both police and doctor inventories, logging everything that happens in the boss menu.

  • Updated syn_stores script to latest release, allowing players to now be given to items for creation of stores.

  • Updated syn_clan script to latest release to fix minor issues with previous version.

  • Players will now be able to utilize their death camera when killed instead of being forced to look in one direction until revived.

  • Player respawn time updated to 200 seconds, equal to 3.33 minutes. This may be subject to change in the future.

  • Instead of using ‘E’ to respawn while dead, players will now use the key ‘U’ to respawn. This prevents accidental respawns!

  • Added the /alertdoctor command into the server and it now works with anyone who has the doctor job

  • Adjusted the pay rates for Lawmen and Doctors, they must be on duty to receive this benefit

  • Added the webhooks for both #:newspaper:┋pinboard and #:fish:┋fishing. Whenever you do these in-game, they’ll automatically sync here to discord

  • Changed and modified doorlocks around the map, restricting them to certain jobs (lawmen, marshal, doctor)

  • Removed vorp_clothing and replaced it with syn_clothing, a better, refined clothing system: now available all around map

  • Fixed issue with game server voice chat, should be able to see UI effective next restart