CAS-Multicharacter [RSG] (See their characters)

Hello to everyone!
Our current release is CAS-Multicharacter Script For RedM


  • Available frameworks: RSG (QBR Soon.)
  • Set max character count in config.
  • Set ped coords on config.
  • The camera is paired with the ped.
  • See your character skin
  • See selected char’s money, gold, job, name, and Nationality
  • Responsive with all resolutions.

Some screenshots of Script


Video Preview
Buy Open Source [30€]
Buy Escrow [15€]

Code is accessible Depens on Purchase Type
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 500+
Requirements RSG Core
Support Yes

Any plans for making this for VORP? :pleading_face:

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on the way but idk when will be released

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why do you want to support buying scripts that are meant to be for free?

These scripts are meant to be for free its part of the framework. this isnt fivem where you get to do whatever you pleased, I will personally make sure its incompatible to work with the framework if it ever comes out.

I’m not mainting a framework for free for others to make them paid I hope you understand that by allowing this , it unlocks all kind of BS being sold …

also for this comment,
listen my friend.
I hope you know that when making a script, it will be based on a framework.
So as i see, rsg framework owner doesnt know spawn a ped on multicharacter so added background to sceen.
So, People who can’t do their job do useless things just to gain respect. And as far as I see, rsg framework is the same as qbr core, only the name has changed and given its own name…
Please approach every effort with respect.

Frankly speaking, there are scripts that I reference when making scripts. But this is only one third of the job.

why not working towards the framework developement to make it better for everyone like the maintainers do? they dont ask you for money to use their framework so why should You?
why should they work for free and others make money out of it and not a sing pull request is made?

You make money out of a framework the least you can do is help.
The least anyone can do tbh.

You can make anything you want, in the end this is just common sense, I support anyone trying to make new things and scripts for redm, as long the line is not crossed.

you don’t support anyone, in this platform almost everything is paid, who gives you the right to interfere with what I do? There are thousands of paid files here, and I put a normal script up for sale. I would share it for free if I wanted. Why does this concern you? Just do your job and stop interfering with people.If they want to sell 1 line of code in exchange for money, they can do so, it is people’s own decision. as far as i know there is a game platform, and people can sell their stuffs right? So i made a mc so i can sell it, its not leak or another bad stuff.
So, i can sell whatever i want, I don’t think I allow you to talk about my scripts and push my clients?
Mind your business my friend, it’s nobody’s business what I sell or don’t sell. I do whatever I want.
I hope you understand.
You’re just giving yourself a headache and embarrassing yourself. Be quiet and don’t exceed your limits. Don’t lose your respect.


i dont support anyone ?
where did i say you cant make scripts?
you clearly dont understand english lol

apologize for my bad english :sleepy:
But it is not your place to criticize a product I made by commenting on it. I hope you understand me.

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