Cars disappear when I move away from them

Hello everyone I have this big problem for my server, I put a map modded, and when I leave a vehicle on top when I move the vehicle back to the ground or under the map, I put the video here to see my problem :disappointed_relieved:

I already tried searching but I just found this: Car disapearing without error

Video problem:

Iā€™m not entirely sure; I think it might be the map addon you are using. Try testing without the map addon and see what happens.

How to try another map? If I remove the map will not give to test, my problem is only with the vehicles on top of addon maps, but I saw a video with the same addon map that I and on arriving at the Stand had la the right cars, I will put here the video at the exact moment that it arrives at the stand, and the cars are spawned on top of the addon map, on my server if I move away from the stand and go back there, the cars are all below the addon map.


Which points or a problem with the addon map as far as I can guess.

But the addon map of this video of the server San Andreas Roleplay V5 is the same that I use in my server how is it that it has problem in the addon map?

is this bug only for your costom bugatti or all cars?

i think it is your bugatti that are broken

all cars addon and cars rockstar games

i have this same problem ā€¦