CarHud + Mileage System & Steering Wheel Ui | FREE | FiveStar

CarHud + Mileage System & Steering Wheel Ui | FREE | FiveStar

CarHud + Mileage System & Steering Wheel Ui | FREE | FiveStar
This project comes with a Car Hud script containing gears, speedometer and a mileage system. Also create a Ui steering wheel direction detector (optional), which will show a Ui steering wheel turning in the direction your vehicle will turn.

The implementation of the steering wheel is totally optional and the content of this script is totally free, so I leave it to the free use of people so they can create their own world with the help of this script.

About mileage: Mileage will be added up even if you teleport using /tpm or /tp along the map.
Mileage will be added even if you teleport using /tpm or /tp across the map. Mileage for vehicles not owned by you will be reset on script or server restart, instead, if the vehicle is owned by you the script will automatically record the mileage in the database, otherwise you must use the /savekm command to enable the vehicle’s license plate in the database save.

Code is accessible Yes
Free Yes
Requirements ESX or QBCore (latest versions) and oxmysql (for carhud, steering wheel is standalone)
Support Yes, in discord

Image Preview

Preview Video

About Configurations

You can set your speedometer to measure in km (kilometers) or mi (miles).
You can set the hud to show the gears.
You will be able to configure the command to authorize the autosave of mileage of vehicles that are not yours.
You will be able to configure the refresh rate at which the speedometer data is updated.
You will be able to configure the number of meters equivalent to 1 kilometer (for mileage).
You will be able to configure the steering wheel picture to your liking.

To activate the steering wheel you must be inside a vehicle and use the default /stewheel command to toggle the steering wheel, to be able to move the steering wheel where you want you must use the /move_stwheel command. To allow saving the mileage in the database of a vehicle that is not yours you must use the command /savekm and this vehicle will start to be saved in the database.

Preview of the default flywheel appearances:
enhanced-image (99)

Preview of steering wheel usage:
2024-04-18 19-57-03 ( (2) (1)

Download for ESX: fivestar-carhud-esx.rar (2.4 MB)

Download for QBCore: fivestar-carhud-qbcore.rar (1.8 MB)


Good job!

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Nice one

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Nice HUD Broo !!! 100%

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Does The Steering wheel allow for force feeback?

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The steering wheel will follow the variables of a native function to obtain the rotation of the steering wheel, so the effect it will have visually in the game will be the same as your steering wheel will have. There is no additional addition to the steering wheel operation unless you add it.

THIS is quite awesome . Maybe you should add a seatbelt !