Cardinal State Roleplay™ | North Carolina | Semi-ESX | Custom EUP | 4k Vehicle Models | Custom Stations | 15+ | 635+ members! | Cayo Perico | Teamspeak | Mumble Voip | Play any department you want!

Cardinal State Roleplay™ is a ESX based roleplay server with real laws, vehicles, and YMAP based on the state of North Carolina. :palm_tree:

About us:

Established in March, 2021

Our mission at CLSRP is to provide you with a friendly, professional, stable, life-like and highly customized server that you can use to make friends and enjoy quality roleplay in our home state of North Carolina. We offer a massive variety of custom cars, assets, buildings and clothing to allow you to fully immerse yourself into our roleplay.

(Open positions available!)

Social Media:

Our server utilizes Discord

Our Main LEO Departments:

North Carolina Highway Patrol - OPEN (Hiring!)
Richmond County Sheriff - OPEN (Hiring!)
Wilmington Police Department - OPEN (Hiring!)
Tow - Hiring!
Fire - Hiring!

You are allowed to dual-clan


  • 15+
  • Working Microphone
  • Must be able to speak English

What do we offer?

  • vMenu & vStancer
  • 4k Vehicle Selection
  • Custom EUP / Peds
  • Experienced Developers
  • Custom Scripts
  • High FPS & Stable Environment
  • Hundreds of Addon Vehicles
  • No Vehicle Restrictions
  • Relaxes Rules / Professional Roleplay
  • Anyone can become a cop
  • Gangs/Drugs/Property
  • Friendly Staff - No BS Punishments
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This server sounds great, I will definitely be checking it out!


Verbal interviews tonight! Come check us out! Join @

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Come check out our latest TikTok videos!

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Growing rapidly, come check us out! Almost 300 members!

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Hard working server


Very good server admins are kind and very helpful

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I joined this server a few days ago and it is awesome


I would definitely recommend this server the applications are so easy rp is very good and the staff is really nice. 10/10. :slight_smile:


Just hit 500 members, come check us out!

Come check us out!!

Check out our social media!

Soon to be semi-esx - Just peaked 550 members, come check us!

Come check us out!!

630+ members! Come check us out!

Now doing court cases with real lawyers!

Come check us out! ESX server, but you are still able to use vMenu for your outfits!