Car disapearing without error

Hi guys i got 2 problems first is that sometimes car are disapearing addon cars and normal ones too and the second problem is that people are getting time out sometimes.

I had issues a while back with cars despawning while using Vbasic and one of the indicator scripts. since i removed those everything stays unless a player has not been near it in a long time. Time out issues can be anything from bad scripts to bad up link

i have seen a solution to change this Citizen.InvokeNative(0x629BFA74418D6239,Citizen.PointerValueIntInitialized(spawned_car))
but i cant find it in which file i should change it?

You have to set SetEntityAsMissionEntity to true.

Also, if you want to invoke 0x629BFA74418D6239, why not just call it with the name in the reference, it’s a known native :man_shrugging:

can you tell me Sir where i have to set this entity?

local vehicle = CreateVehicle(model, coords.x, coords.y, coords.z, heading, true, false)
local id      = NetworkGetNetworkIdFromEntity(vehicle)

SetNetworkIdCanMigrate(id, true)
SetEntityAsMissionEntity(vehicle, true, false)
SetVehicleHasBeenOwnedByPlayer(vehicle, true)

i founded in es_extended function shoud i delete this false?

ESX.Game.DeleteVehicle = function(vehicle)
SetEntityAsMissionEntity(vehicle, false, true)
what should i change?