Can't use fullscreen mode?and a question related to mods?

Hey , i am stuck on windowed mode…whenever i try to change it to fullscreen it resets to windowed… i tried running as an admin but to no avail

and another question(please ignore if it this is not the place for it)
i can’t use my mods (trainer,etc…) is there a proper way to install them for fivereborn? thanks for any help.

To fix the windowed mode: Try hitting Alt + Enter in-game

To get modifications working: Make a folder in your Fivereborn directory called “Mods” and place any ASI Files, script folders, and .net hooks in there (EXCEPT for scripthookV - Fivereborn already has one)

you can go to settings and change it

if al that dosnt work try starting normale gta v and chanse setings that to full screen.
or meby jsut pres tthe f11 buton on your kayboard :wink: