Can't see people

Hello guys,

When I connect to Homecoming Project, I get on the server but I can’t see anybody.
Already tried to relaunch FiveM multiples times, reconnect to the server, ain’t working.

Any ideas?


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Fill out the Technical Support template

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GTA Version 1.46
Up to date.
Legit Copy.
Social Club:
Windows 10 Entreprise.
I stop playing for a month, and the issue happened when I came back.
The issue is on Project Homecoming Racing
CitizenFX.log : CitizenFX.log.1 (912.3 KB)

.dmp files : f3a154da-9195-4440-a78a-0ca5185eed2c.dmp (4.9 MB)

I basically join the server expecting to race with other people but I never been able to see anyone on the game, I was able to chat with them but it was like I was alone on the game.
I relaunched the server multiples times, relaunched FiveM and deleted the caches.xml files too.

Hello again.


Tried to uninstall and reinstall FiveM. Still can’t see other players on that server.

No idea if it helps on any sense but I actually have 3 FiveM_GTAProcess.exe suspended that can’t be ended in my task manager

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