Can't see others on my server

Made my server. Downloaded FiveReborn and had my friend download it.

He saw my server in the list and connected. I refreshed and saw it had 1 person in it, obviously him. I joined and he joined. Everything was fine-we could chat together, etc, except we met at an airfield and could not actually see each other’s cars, persons, anything. As if we’re in different dimensions.

All the port forwarding seems to be fine. What’s going wrong? Tried searching the forum and saw nothing.

@jackct Already explained on discord, please restart server and both rejoin.

I have. I’ve joined, he’s joining. I’ll update once we try to find a place to meet up again.

By the way, is the map supposed to be COMPLETELY empty of icons/dots?

Alright. We retried a few times and got some luck and were able to.

@jackct Yes, we remove all of the client-scripts. However if you want the icons install enhancedreborn.