Cant see anybody - tried a lot

Hi Guys,

I tried two days to get FiveReborn work on my PC… :frowning:

My Prblem: I cant see anybody on the Server, sometimes, the red mark appears, sometimes I can read in the Chat that I had timed out, even if I can still write in chat.

I tried:

  • deleting Cache folder
  • Reconnecting (multiple times!!!)
  • Reinstall GTAV and FiveReborn.
  • Run FiveReborn as Admin
  • Compatibility Mode (I’ve got Win 10, run it as Win 7

I am dispaired…

Please help!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey, you have to install the trainer pack. Look up, Enhanced Reborn Trainer and it should be the first link.

  1. make sure the server you connect to has people in it.
  2. the red marks on the top right ish is a five reborn error.
  3. your connection to that server may be to far for you. check your ping. five reborn as Compatibility mode Win 8 no admin
  4. if you want to see people on the server if not installed by the server download and install
    any thing else just tell me.