Can't see any Player tried everything

GTA V version: Latest; freshly downloaded and installed from Social Club.
Legit or Pirate copy: Legit
Steam/CD/Social Club: Social Club/Steam
Windows version: Windows 10
Error screenshot: —

Also add what you already tried so far:
Reinstalled GTA V
Redownloaded FiveReborn
Reinstalled FiveReborn
Windows 8 compatibility
Windows 7 compatibility
Run as Admin (not allowed by the exe anyway)
Reinstalled FiveReborn
Restarted PC
Reinstalled FiveReborn
Deleted /FiveReborn/cache
Redownloaded FiveReborn
Reinstalled Fivereborn
Disabled anti-virus
Reinstalled FiveReborn
Checked graphics drivers are up-to-date
Reinstalled FiveReborn
Tried both a separate GTA V folder, and the main folder

Every Server i join i get a Red Box in the Top right corner and i cant see any players

Pls Help :(i dont know what to do anymore

Restart Steam & router and try again, also make sure your anti-virus or Windows Defender is not blocking anything.

thanks but it didnt helped :frowning:

you need to install a trainer

[Release] Lambda Menu this one

i did i still get the red box and cant see any players


Still got the Red Box problem… even after the update.

my name on every server is invalid too.

I opened up port 80 and 30120 in TCP and UDP aswell.

Doesn’t work

still have the problem after the patches

does it do this on all servers?

yes… on everysever even on low ping servers.

everytime red square dunno what to do