Cant load game

I have a problem when trying to get out of the singleplayer that automatically turns on when you turn on the game shows up orange background and nothing happens I tried again to install again and still nothing , after a while, the game crashes and still happens I dont know what to do

GTA V version : latest
Up to date : yes
Legit or Pirate copy? : legit
Steam/CD/Social Club? : Social
Error screenshot : Orange background and nothing happened
GTA V folder screenshot :
FiveReborn client folder screenshot :
CitizinFX.log :
.dmp files ;

You have to remove all your Modification Files like asiloader

I have only trainer :smiley:

Remove it
You Can put your Trainer into FiveReborn/plugins Folder

I did that i have trainer in the plugin folder

Then delete the Mod Files out of GTA 5 Folder ?
You need a completly fresh GTA 5 Install that FiveReborn works.

I never installed any mods to GTA V, i have clear GTA V

At your Screenshot of your GTA 5 Folder i can see the Files

AsiLoader is used to Load Asi Files and dinput8.dll is used by ScripthookV.
If u want play FiveReborn u have to remove it!

At first try after deleting these two files, i just joined into game with people, i wasnt even in server browser, i tried to disconnect to back into server browser, and i got crash, a tried again to join game, but i had just background of server browser, without servers anything and after that game crash automaticlly

That a known Bug and everyone had it.
If you want join another Server you need to restart FiveReborn

Please remove any modifications from your GTA V. As also stated above it’s clear to see you either use or used modifications. FiveReborn requires a clean install.

Everything deleted, FiveReborn Stopped Working, GTA:O Works Perfectly, Single Player too.

Still need help