Cant join servers with over 24 players

Any server i want to join where their server has more than 24 players on (support for 32+ players) i cant join. It doesn’t make sense as i see other people joining and i cant. I get “steam rejected authentication invalid ticket” and “sorry server is full past 24 players” This is making me mad could someone help.

Because servers with the hardcap resource activated have a cap of 24 because players after that aren’t connected properly

Yeah but the server is constantly full. Any time i can play on the server i never red box bc they have scripthook disabled

the servers full, end of story

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AddEventHandler(‘playerConnecting’, function(name, setReason)
print('Connecting: ’ … name)

if playerCount >= 32 then
print(‘Full. :(’)

setReason('This server is full (past 32 players).')


this can make the server go up to 32 players, it’s bypassing the normal “24” slots

it can not. hardcap only counts activated players. once there are 24 of those, you will not be connected to that session.

“I’m never hungry because I stay awake at night”. two different claims, one not related to the other.

if it is full, it is full. nothing you can do about that.

says who? there is no such thing at this point in time.

where, exactly, do you see such people join? the counter in the server list? that one is known to be broken.

go read a book, maybe catch a movie, there is no needed to be mad over an abnormality in a video game.

all servers have this issue, people who disable or modify hardcap are only exacerbating it.


“cap of 24 because players after that aren’t connected properly”

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it is because somehow is messing with the citizenfx server core and force it to accept more players, truth is that citizenfx doesn’t have a limit off players but you need to keep it at a decent level so you don’t start crashing and all that, this is a bypass for the core and it’s reading as main from this script, it reads up to 32 players

correct, however the internal RAGE session system that’s still used does, so any player past 24 in the RAGE session will not have any sync at all and therefore you can’t call it a MP game…

what the hell?

which is still too much, as the session system can only track 24 players due to bandwidth management issues. ever tried it yourself with that amount of players? no? then don’t spread nonsense like this.

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yes i did . C2cj community had 29 guys patrol, stable and all that.

Oh? Are you sure about that? Did a player list (trainer, default scoreboard) show all 29 players in the game at once? Because that is literally impossible.

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