Can't join my own server

I just installed FiveReborn and I can join any server.

When I open the server, It appears on the server list (probably just for me, but I don’t care, I just want it for me), but when I try to join, it says “Connection failed: General handshake failure”.

If I try to join from the Settings with “192.168…” it says the same.
But if I try to join from the Settings with “localhost” it connects, but then “CitizenFX Fatal Error: Obtaining configuration from server ( failed” and closes.

I already have disabled the anti-virus and firewall, but doesn’t work

About the ports, I can’t open them since some months ago, I don’t know why. But on any other game that I created a server, it works without the ports open.

Should work, either you use the wrong IP’s.
192.168.X.X (replace X with your own info)

and should work.

Thanks! works.

@Boss where do we put the in? @Sosin where do we put the

@sargecommander do not re-open old topics.

When your client has started click on the setting wheels (right top).