Can't join my own server. (Infinite loading)

I created a server but when I try to join after some time I hear a windows error sound and then the game keeps loading.
I can see the chat, but the game get stuck on loading screen.
alt text
And I can see the green square flickering.

I read the FAQ and there is nothing, I tried manually join the server but nothing and I removed every plugins of fivereborn but nothing.
What can I do?

P.S. I already portforwarded the server, I can see it on server list

Please post citizen.log.

Sry, it’s not the complete log. Try uploading the file.!tM1XWJZZ!mkwYkPWOIiB7Lmn_oOL2nTZVWgsOa4sHKUadSZ73W0c

Problem Solved. I just download again the server folder. Thanks the same