Cant even download FiveM

Ok, cheers man, would you recommend any antivirus softwares that are good? i just don’t necessarily trust the free ones.

None. You don’t need an antivirus software anymore. Windows Defender is good enough. It detects the same viruses and also gets updated frequently.

Third party software like Avast just creates more issues than it gives benefits. Eats PC resources too and scans files on the weirdest occasions resulting in things like “lag” in videogames

i never had a problem with avast myself, i have been using it for years even with FiveM guess im just one of the lucky few and it barely uses any memory and i never notice when it does its scans.

but that could also be because i got 2 SSD’s on raid 0 but my games are on 2 mechanical drives on raid 0 but cant say i ever seen it eat memory.

I have a very old laptop [Dell Latitude D630] which my grandad gave to me. Simply just removing Avast really speeded it up. Of course its not fast but it is better than it was before. I just use Windows Defender now, its fine as long as you don’t go on any suspicious websites

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