Cant connect to Sever: Failed to connect to server after 3 attempts

Hey everybody im having this really annoying problem with a server on FiveReborn the problem is that most of the times the server doesnt show up on the Server list so i try to connect to it via the IP but when i try to connect to it it just gives the the following messagealt text and then freezes up in a blackscreen and nothing happens untill u press ok or close the window this closes the whole programm.
I’ve tried puting entrys in my Firewall for the ports of the server and FiveReborn itself and also port exceptions in my router.

Some help would be highly apprechiated.

Best regards,

Are you trying to connect to a local server?

What do you mean a “local” server its a server that is hosted by a professional third party company as far a i knwo so its not like a server run at home on your pc.

local means your own server that you have hosted on you computer.
Now with that said is everything up to date?

It is not my sever and its not hosted localy it is hosted by a dedicated server. but right now im having yet another problem with the server alt text alt text the file that is stated as the problem changes every time i tried deleting the db folder in the chache folder

Are you trying to join Sideways INC?

Yes this is one of the server but it happens on every server that downloads files or has some sort of mods like on a different drift server it happens too or on a police roleplay, as said everything that requiers some kind of mod to be domwloaded any advice ?

It’s an error which is created by the connection between you and the server. I know Sideways INC changed server recently. Try to contact them on discord.

Uff wow this didnt help me a single bit they are just as clueless as you are very nice good time waste

In a nutshell all you told me is what i allready knew and that you have no idea what the problem is aswell.

It’s not a FiveReborn error, so what exactly do you want? Going for a ban?

Why threaten me with a ban haha you feel offended about what i said i just said the truth about this and that this didnt get my one single step closer to solve the problem i didnt say anything against u or anybody. Thanks bay