Canary Mode Issue: Invisibility and more

Detailed Information:

  1. FiveM App Client: Canary Mode
  2. Goal: Looping player names in a menu and looking at a player in front of me.
  3. Result: “player 3” returned by client. (Whilst there are multiple clients connected) (Used: GetActivePlayers() and other clients seems to be invisible.
  4. Native issue.

Some description:

I went to the vMenu, opened up “online players”. 6 players should appear. It shows only “player 3”.

I went to visit my buddy at the petrol station. My buddy, who’s using release mode for FiveM can see me. I use Canary mode and can not see him.

I think the developers of Canary Mode could understand where they changed something which could influence this. I’ve discussed the issue in the FiveM discord and heard others experienced the same. On their and my behalf I post this report.

Some related code:

      for _, player in ipairs(GetActivePlayers()) do
        local pedName = GetPlayerName(player)
        if WarMenu.MenuButton('» '..pedName, 'playergroups') then
          selectedPed = pedName
          print("selected ped = "..selectedPed)

Print result was: player 1
Print expected result was: Nightwalkersfear

Reproducing the bug
→ Install vMenu (latest)
→ Open the menu
→ Online players
→ Result will be “player X” instead of a list of GetPlayerName(players) names.

→ Log in to a server with a second client connected (other player)
→ Play hide and seek, because you probably won’t see eachother.

Reproducing the bug with code
→ Write a client thread:

  while true do
      Citizen.Wait(1000) -- Send player list of names every second
      for _, player in ipairs(GetActivePlayers()) do
        local pedName = GetPlayerName(player)
          print("PedName = "..pedName)
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… ‘Canary Mode’? In fact, ‘the developers of Canary Mode’??

Also… where’s the repro steps?

Done, thank you for your feedback. Anything else?