Can you help me to choose my vps

Hello i wanna know if these 2 vps is good for a 64slots fivem servers
thank you in advance

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That’s WAY overkill for 64 slots - you’ll need around 8-10GBs of RAM (if hosting on Windows) and 2-4 cores (2 fast ones or 3-4 slower ones)

I’m hosting on linux with this cpu: Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2630 v4 @ 2.20GHz
so beetween all of these you recomended me the: VPS S/M SSD

Our current dedicated server runs fxserver on 3-10GB of ram at 70/70 players, we also have a lot of addons on the server.
Sometimes it spikes higher but take in consideration you will have other apps and services running in the background, the safest bet for now would be the VPS M package, then in the future you can upgrade to L if needed but I doubt that you will need to, unless you plan on hosting multiple game servers or services.

M should be just fine, S would be barely pushing it imho.

But you, what cpu do you have ?

And what is your hosting ?

Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1271 v3

Fxserver uses 15-30% of CPU, sometimes it spikes higher.
We use OVH Dedicated server hosting.

The RAM memory depends on how much your server is optimized.
My server is 128 slots and I am hosting it on a 8 RAM VPS.
You shouldn’t have any problems on 8 GB RAM.