Can this be setup on a webserver (cpanel) with a dedicated ip


I have about had it with my gaming host, their mods are outdated, their support sucks, and they way overcharge for what they do have. Dont use ■■■■■■■, they are horrible.

So i have two options here, i can load the server files on my local pc, or i do have a dedicated webserver and i happen to have a extra dedicated ip with it.

I am leaning toward the webserver install (linux) because of the dedicated ip. What are the most currrent instructions for installing this on a linux CentOS 7 webserver (does it need a partition or just a folder)?


Uhmm what? You cannot install any server in a webhost? I can recommend using ovh. They offer virtual servers and dedicated servers. But what you are referring to can only be for websites.

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OK thanks, i guess i was thinking i could do a partition on my dedicated web server, install MONO and then install the fivereborn server files.

Thanks for the heads up and quick reply… :slight_smile:

Quick question on windows dedicated server specs…

Is this going to be enough to run the FR server…

Intel Dual Core Atom
2 Cores / 2 Threads
100Mbit Unmetered

this post on steam has actually helped alot, whoever did this post, thanks so much. Now i can guage the required installs to match to my server…

good stuff :slight_smile:

Yes, and that guide is from the release topic. It shows how to install the server,