Can someone teach me how to make a vehicle texture? Or just make one for me?

I need an ADMIN vehicle for my server. If someone can teach me how to make a quick ADMIN car it would be very helpful. If you are interested in making one you can E-Mail me at . And one more thing, I need a /ME script and a jailing script. Please contact me as soon as possible for more info.

look on the forums, google around and do it yourself, easiest way to get it.
(if you want to start texture moddeling use openiv and photoshop/

I tried that. Dont get it.

I will Iā€™m Officer crystal on

Do you wish to be paid?

nope wait what do you need doing

Do you make vehicles? Or just textures. Just a question

textures lol :):slight_smile: what do you need

NJ State Police. And newark NJ fire DP. If you can

can you send me a picture

And maybe some Newark police on the same vehicles. If you can.

. Yeah sure
Of what?

NJ State Police. And newark NJ fire DP


1.I CAN DO A WHOLE pack for you already doing that pack right now so your lucky lol

@Lucas_Decker what 2013 tahoe would you like

Ummmmmm. Let me look for one

Just chose all that are not ELS. Thanks

@Androsa102 Can you add the textures to the vehicles because when i do it it doesnt work. You dont have to though

@XvGaMiNgXvStill working on it?