Can no longer run FiveReborn

I’m having a few issues with one of my systems. It used to work perfectly.
Until the December update.

I know the issue but don’t know how I can get around it.

My GTA V on this current PC will for some reason only run if it is being ran as administrator.
Now my Fivereborn always ran because I would run it as admin.
But now it seems as if you can not run fivereborn as an administrator so I get stuck on the FiveReborn Launching screen and later on get the common error “Wasn’t given the all clear”.

Is there a trick to get it running as administrator without it knowing lol??

It’s not a major issue as I can continue to use my other machines. It was just handy as this machine is my video editing system and wanted to do a few RP videos.
Any help would be really appreciated.

fixed the issue, turns out it was just an user error on windows. I created a new user and it worked must of been from when I migrated from win 7 to win 10

Glad you resolved the issue yourself!