Can i load LUA mods in my server?

as the tittle says, can i load LUA mods in my server? i would like to make this LUA mod mission in my server with my friends:

i tried to make a new folder in my server resources folder, stream folder, and all that stuff, but it don’t work. just want to know if LUA mods like that is compatible with FiveReborn.

No you require to remake it into the code that uses the API that FiveReborn has.

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thanks you very much for solving my question.

So, when calling the functions, do we have to specify PED. or WEAPON. or since it is all in the same .lua, do we just call it?

Just calling it works.

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Awesome, kind of weird at first having a different list of natives, but it is much more clear.

I am assuming a lot of the natives not included are useless ones such as single player/ camera stuff.

No? All natives of the game version we are on work.