Can anyone tell me how to fix these errors

So pressing F8 I see the following error…

error during NUI callback chatResult …
Can anyone tell me whats wrong or how to fix this…

The path leads me to here: return table.unpack(msgpack.unpack(rv))


its saying what you are trying to unpack is nil. Make sure it is it is not nil.

thanks for the reply, but is that pertaining to some resource I may have? Cause I goit this just loading into the server

It looks related to the NUI you are using.

how to make sure its not nil ?

local requester = nil
local newReq = nil


AddEventHandler(“CGC:tpa”, function(newRequester, newRequesterName)
requester = newRequester
newReq = newRequesterName
TriggerEvent(“chatMessage”, “INFO”, {255, 255, 0}, newRequesterName … " wants to teleport to you.")
TriggerEvent(“chatMessage”, “INFO”, {255, 255, 0}, “/tpaccept or /tpdeny to accept/deny.”)
if requester == nil then
TriggerEvent(“chatMessage”, “ERROR”, {255, 0, 0}, “Nobody is requesting to teleport to you at the moment.”)

 requester = nil