🇺🇸 California Justice Roleplay, a community worth checking out! ;)

Amazing place to go and meet new people very fast process with being interviewed and you can meet some amazing people here, I highly reccomend you come to this place where you will find proffesionalism and realism within a community no matter what I suggest you join this place it’s awesome, Got everything here someone could want! Come join the CHP! wed like to see you their as well as anything within the law enforcement and alwayls need civs!!!. Have a great rest of your day, thanks for reading this suggest you join us!>

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Hello. My name is Tony. When I first joined,I did not know anything about fivem. Every one welcomed me in and helped me without any criticism.I have enjoyed every moment since. We are always looking for new and seasoned p…


I have been apart of many public servers/startups aswell as a few big name RP communities. This one is by far one of the best I’ve seen the COC is well structured and polite. The members are friendly and warm. I highly recommend this server to those starting RP or are veterans. 10/10 Cant wait to see my future here.


The server is amazing the people I’ve met and played with are amazing and I find it very surprising that there’s a server with people from different backgrounds and countries because most servers are specifically made for one country even though the roleplays are small and a couple of hours before I go to work I have tons of fun I highly recommend this server 10/10


I have been a member of this community for a long time. I have enjoyed every moment of it and always look forward to the new server updates, going on patrol or just hanging out and chatting with everyone. If you are looking for a server that has members and staff that will treat you with respect and has realistic RP, then this is the server to join. Thank you for reading my post. California Justice Recruitment Server


If you are looking for a community with great members, staff, custom assets, and realistic role-play, Then you have come to the right place! We are always looking for new and seasoned people California Justice Recruitment Server

Server Review

As a member of CJRP, my personal opinion is this is a community worth applying for, as it states in the title. I’ve only been in the server for a few weeks, maybe even a month, and I enjoyed every patrol which I have been on.

They have a friendly and active staff team, same with the community members, we chat regularly and have daily patrols.

For any serious role-players reading this, this is the community you need, I was looking for a good whitelisted one, I was searching for ages until I came across this community. If you do choose to apply, I wish you the best of luck!

CJRP member
Rueben S.

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The California Justice roleplay community has been by far the most inviting, professional, fun online community that I have ever been apart of. The staff team and developers are exceedingly loyal to the server and always working hard to keep the community going strong. If you don’t join, you’re really missing out

With Friendly, Active Staff and Daily RPs this community knows how to please its members. Active patrols and custom assets make for a fun experience for all. Everyone is suprisingly friendly and the professionalism of the server staff and the rule set make this server feel better than others; its more of a family than a mere RP Community.

Might try this server out

If you wish to join, head over to our discord: California Justice Recruitment Server

I am unable to join the discord. I would like to see what the server is about I have been looking for a new server!

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CJRP is an amazing server! The administration are nice and inviting people. Everyone in the server is kind and caring. This is not just a server it is a family and a community. The owner is nice and down to earth. No one is stuck or thinks they are better than anyone. Also the patrols are very enjoyable and realistic. So I highly recommend this community to anyone looking for a great time.

California Justice Roleplay has been serving several people from around the world an astonishing roleplay experience. We have friendly and active staff/members. We have a unique composition of vehicles, outfits, and weapons we aim for the best possible scenarios and strive to recreate ones that could happen on a daily basis. In here we aim for a family-oriented feeling where we care and look out for each other. Everyone has the same voice and input and is treated like any other member. In my opinion, this is mostly why we stand out from other FiveM communities. California Justice Recruitment Server