California, Arizona and Nevada Roleplaying Community | All Departments OPEN! | CAD/MDT | Custom Cars | Active Staff | WHITELISTED

We are a serious roleplaying clan the extends out calls for realism on Grand Theft Auto Five, FiveM

Are you looking for a serious roleplaying community with serious roleplaying files such a law books other know as penal codes, with a professional custom CAD/MDT system.

We do many charity events in this community to give back to the amazing world we live in, we’re all about positivity, but we’re a very strict community that expects an adult level of maturity to ensure the best roleplaying experience. We have multiple departments as well as multiple subdivisions to go with them departments. We have an amazing group of staff members to keep the community of track. The Administration Team and the line of directors make sure this community is the best it can be. We want this community to grow and we would love it if you could be apart of it with us. We do enforce our rules heavily. So if you decide of joining are community because we expect everything on there. Hopefully you feel the same way about the community and I hope i can say “Hey” to each and every one of you.

Drugs: Cocaine/Weed/Opium/Meth :pill:
Illegal vehicle shop :oncoming_police_car:
Custom interiors :house:
Active / Friendly community :sun_with_face:
Active staff :hammer:
Whitelisted jobs like PD/EMS/FD :cop: :ambulance: :fire_engine:
Illegal jobs like Mafia/Bikergang/Robbing Stores
Active community, always looking to improve. :tools:
Many Jobs to Choose/Money System :construction_worker:


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We would love to grow are community so come join us and see how we role

we still need a lot of member so hop in and see what is going on

New discord code? The link is invalid/expired.

discord pls

come on join