CaliDayzRP Come enjoy Cali this side of the map

Urgent!!! need for staff and admin and a experienced developer. Also hiring asap for experienced leo and moderators(must be at least 17 for jobs unless I know you)Awesome RL California server. custom cars and housing permissions depending on your role. Everyone at least 15 or older is welcome as a civ and 17 to apply for staff and leo positions.

:heavy_check_mark:Please make sure to check the server rules and discord and if somethings is missing message me and and notify @staff. This will be a fun and drama free server and I will do my best to invest and add content constantly. We are currently with Zap but moving dedicated in a few days. server will be at least 18hrs/7days a week until I can get qualified staff to help me keep it up full time. (If you see any issues or beginner errors be constructive when you criticize this is my first project and I’ve spent a straight year leaning how to run a server at over 80hrs a week through trial and error. Im not pro but I will make this a great server!

My name is Poison and here’s a little about myself, I am a dedicated FiveM fan and self taught server creator. I have over 6 years in special ops military and contracting experience and joined FiveM gaming after my last combat injury. Ive been in many servers, Some great and many failRP negative servers and a few in between. I’ve been admin, staff, Leo, a marketer and a website designer in FiveM related servers for 16 months. My bad and good experiences have motivated me to create many great servers and experiences for those that want to join a community that really cares about moral and positive energy roleplay. I’m 100% disabled for now and this is where I spend a lot of time so any experienced help and criticism is welcomed) PSA- Also make sure to give these guys at cfx some appreciation! those of you that have many hours on here and actually dedicate time to this especially through trial and error or schooling knows it can get really crazy and confusing at times even for the pros- Thanks @CFXRE we love It! CaliDayzRP