C# Server sided script

Hello guys,

Im new in GTA5 Modding, i want to use C# instead of LUA script for the server side.
I was wondering how could that can be done, because i saw nobody using C# on server_script.

any ideas ?

I’m sure someone experienced in C# can be more helpful but in the meantime I believe this project is using it.

You can’t do C# on the server side yet, only on the client side.

sad news :frowning:

i hope we will be able to use C# on server_script

I have thought if I could link the lua stack from the server to a lua stack in a dll it might be possible with a intermediate layer. I would like to know if anyone has any thoughts about this?

Has the FiveM team stated any official support for C# in the future?
I’m not overly keen on using lua unless it’s by default.