C++ Runtime error [SOLVED]


I set up my own server for myself and friends a while ago and have just rejoined FiveReborn with the idea of startin the server up again.

I’ve updated the client and the server to the newest release, but when I try and join my ow server to test it before we start playing, I get this error.

It reads “Assertion Failed!
Program /_FiveReborn/_client/citizen-resources-client.dll.
File: …/…/components/citizen-resources…che.cpp/.
Expression: Status.Ok ().
For info on how your program can cause an assertion failure, visit: …
Press Retry to debug application: JIT must be enabled”

gta version - 1.0.944.2
up to date - yes
Legit - yes
social club - yes
windows version - 10

Anyone know whats causing this and what I can do to fix it?

How did you fix it. i have this problem right now.

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I believe I deleted the entire cache folder in the client folder and had it re-download it again

I have this problem right now aswel please could i get some help trying to fix it?

I have the same problem, tried all methods and still this window comes out https://forum-cfx-re.akamaized.net/original/3X/a/6/a688a67a258fe3fce61936114f4b61c283aa8a5e.PNG Come on guys, help us IT IS NOT SOLVED :///

It says solved so how did you guys solve it because I have the same error

Same for me, please help