C# REQUEST calling native by ulong adress

Hello everyone , currently we only can call native function by the enum table Hash (who is fantastique until all the function needed is inside but it’s not my case )

So if i may ask for add a little feature in the CitizenFX.dll like an override of the function Native.Call() who could take ulong in first argument, this could let us use Hash enum or physical adress directly and it would be wonderfull for us (for trying unknow native function)

(Hash)0x12345678abcdef0 works fine.

oh i didn’t know that cast could work , i’ll gonna try this soon ^^
thanks !!!

i try your solution to cast the function adress , but whatever native function i’m calling , it’s making an error and simply not working error is like Empty array param but most of native function i called are wihout any param , so…

it’s seem to work (at least i have no more error) but for native who don’t take param , i need to put param anyway or i get en error.