C# get Key instead of actionKey

hello everyone

all i found and use for detect pressed key is by the class Control and it give me all the action name for the key mapping.
but i wanted to know if there is a way for calling the Key directly like ctrLeft or the R key ect (it would be more clear to the eyes)

I haven’t delved into the C# side of FiveM but, as far as I’m aware you can only get if a control is pressed.

I believe the devs are looking into implementing a system which allows you to get when a specific key is pressed. You can find the feature request at the link below (if you want it, vote for it :wink:).

since i began to dev in c# i’m just crazy about , the CitizenFX lib is just wonderfull, i would just not be able to back on lua ^^

i hope they will be able to implement this kind of feature

Thank for your reply