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Feature BW-Music Control Script for RedM Servers
Take your RedM gaming experience to the next level with our advanced and feature-rich Music Control Script. Developed with a focus on performance and versatility, this script offers an array of features designed to enhance in-game immersion and social interaction.

Key Features:

Universal Music Playback: Play music that can be heard by everyone in the server.
Volume Control: Dynamic volume control through in-game commands.
Stop Music Anytime: The power to stop the music at your fingertips.
Server-Side Control: All functionalities are server-controlled, ensuring synchronization across all clients.
Easy Customization: Customize music URLs and default volume via the Config file.
High Performance: The script is optimized for high performance, ensuring smooth gameplay.
Secure: The script is encrypted, making it secure and reliable.


/playmusic [URL]: Play music that can be heard by everyone in the server.
/stopmusic: Stop the currently playing music.
/setvolume [VALUE]: Dynamically adjust the volume (Value between 0-1).

Technical Specifications
Language: LUA
Dependencies: Requires XSound library

Supported Frameworks: Compatible with most of the RedM server frameworks

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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based Yes
Lines (approximately) 148
Requirements XSound
Support Yes