Bunker IPL


How to load the bunker?

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you load bunker with the codez

with what ? what are you talking about

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I added :


And always nothing …

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for any interior , you can use some script like bobipl or you can do it manualy in your script.

you will have to use few native and know the id of the interior (if you don’t know it you can simply tp your player at the coord of the interior and use a native who will tell you what the id of the interior you are in).

native to use :

GET_INTERIOR_AT_COORDS (this one give the id of the interior by the coord)
GET_INTERIOR_FROM_ENTITY (this one give you the id of interior by an entity who is inside (like your player)

IS_INTERIOR_READY (use for know when the interior is ready after loading it)

REFRESH_INTERIOR ( use this after loading props)
_ENABLE_INTERIOR_PROP ( use this for loading interior props)

_LOAD_INTERIOR (use this for loading interior)

if you plan to use interior like the bunker , you will have to load the props otherwise you will have no wall and no table ect…

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So if I understand correctly, just go inside to what I can use (the bunker here). I have to use “GET_INTERIOR_AT_COORDS” in the area I am missing and this one will tell me what id.

Thanks @304bl for the information.

yes , GET_INTERIOR_AT_COORDS will give id of the interior until the coord are inside , if the coord are outside it should return you 0 or -1 ,i don’t remember exactly.

with that id you will be able to add the missing props you need.

the interior id remain the same so keep it into your code.

for the interior props you will have to look into the gta files meta , for an example with the weed interior you have props : weed_security_upgrade ; weed_upgrade_equip , and many more

ps: don’t forget to refresh the interior after load props

get gta files meta with openIV?

yes , openIV is the best for this.

I have already searched a little, but I have not found anything. Is this information in which part?

that make a while last time i look for it , but if i remember well , it should be in x64c / levels .

i would enjoy if someone could list them all ^^


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I also look for me it is for warehouses how did you do it? You added these code or?

ohh thanks , i never saw it was already listed XD , the last time i had to use interior i look for every props manually in the metadata .

nice ^^

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@samas92i Did you manage to load the whole bunker? The Bunker loads but I can’t select the style so the main-part of the bunker isn’t loading. Can you help me w/ that?

this loads up all the things and adds the bunker “app” get close the the computer and hit “e” still a work in progress


has there been anymore developement to this? I have downloaded it and will use it as is. but would love to see more if not finished and a update please.

yes im still working on it but ive also been working on other things ill try an mess with it this weekend is there anything you want me to do specifically ?

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not really specific just maybe add a couple of the bunkers like raton canyon and maybe on of the sandy shores. and I know how ya feel I am currently on the road and using my crappy laptop.